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Sodium Fluoride Spray Drying System

  • Sodium Fluoride Spray Drying System
  • Sodium Fluoride Spray Drying System
  • Sodium Fluoride Spray Drying System
  • Sodium Fluoride Spray Drying System

Sodium Fluoride Spray Drying System

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Product Description

Overview of waste liquid spray dryer:

The spray dryer is open circulation, co-flow, centrifugal atomization. The drying medium air is filtered by the primary and medium-efficiency air filters, and then sucked by the blower according to the operating instructions, then heated by the heater, and enters the main spray drying tower through the hot air distributor of the high-efficiency filter. The liquid material passes through the peristaltic pump according to the operating instructions, enters the high-speed rotating centrifugal nozzle, and is dispersed into small droplets under the action of centrifugal force. In the main spray drying tower, the small droplets are in full contact with the hot air, and after heat exchange along their specific paths, they are dried into products, and then separated by a cyclone separator, the solid materials are collected, and the gas medium is filtered and discharged. . The entire spray system is easy to clean, has no dead ends, and meets GMP requirements.

Main system description of the process:

1. Feeding system: It consists of feeding pump, related valve groups and pipelines.

2. Atomization system: It consists of high-speed centrifugal atomizer, cooler and circulating oil pump.

The atomizer is a vertical secondary motor through two pairs of gears to increase the speed, and the linear speed of the atomizing disc is >120m/s. The motor drives the transmission shaft through the coupling, the transmission shaft drives the intermediate shaft through the gear, and the intermediate shaft drives the main shaft through the gear. The ground becomes foggy, and the specific surface area of the particles expands to form a good heat exchange with the clean hot air, so that the water evaporates and vaporizes instantly and is extracted and emptied by the induced draft fan.

The main bearing of the atomizer is imported SKF bearing. The drive shaft and intermediate shaft bearings are Harbin's advanced radial thrust ball bearings. The main shaft, intermediate shaft and transmission shaft are made of high-quality alloy steel through forging, heat treatment, and grinding. The gears are also made of high-quality alloy steel through forging and heat treatment, and then the gears are ground by a gear grinder.

3. Hot air supply system: It consists of air filter, blower, steam radiator, electric heating and hot air duct.

4. Drying system: It consists of hot air distributor, drying main tower, thermal insulation layer, cleaning observation door and lighting system in the tower.

The hot air is sent into the tower through the hot air distributor at the top of the tower, and contacts with the fine droplets atomized by the atomizer. Under the action of the high-temperature airflow, the water evaporates rapidly, and the product in the droplet is dried into a solid, which is a fully qualified product.

The hot air distributor can adjust the cut-in angle and rotation speed of the hot air according to the characteristics of the material, control the residence time of the material in the tower, and adjust the angle between 15 and 45°. The tower body is equipped with cleaning doors, tower top lighting, and overall thermal insulation.

In order to facilitate cutting, an air rapper is installed on the cone.

5. Product collection and exhaust gas treatment system: It consists of cyclone separator, discharge valve, induced draft fan and pipeline.

6. Control system: The whole set of equipment adopts centralized control, including relevant signal acquisition and automatic control system.

7. Special design for sticky walls

Sticky wall: The material is adsorbed on the inner wall of the drying chamber, and the material property changes due to long-term stay. The lumps fall into the air duct and block the air duct so that the equipment cannot operate continuously. The mixing of small pieces of material and powdery materials causes the product moisture to exceed the standard.

There are two types of sticky walls:

1. The wet material is adsorbed on the inner wall of the drying chamber. In this case, the design of the tower fails, and the atomization radius and the diameter of the tower do not match. This situation has never occurred in our company's actual application.

Second, the dry powder is adsorbed on the inner wall of the drying chamber. The dry powder is unavoidable to contact with the inner wall. For some materials, the fluidity is poor, and it is easy to be adsorbed on the inner wall of the tower. Our company's solution is as follows:

(1): The hot air distributor is specially designed, and the air distribution is reasonable.

(2): Manufactured according to EU standards to improve the surface finish of the inner wall, making it difficult for materials to be adsorbed.

(3): It is specially designed during the production process of the equipment, which is convenient for users to do anti-static treatment.

(4): Design an air hammer at a suitable position of the tower body, and knock the tower wall periodically. Reduce adsorption.

(5): The cone angle becomes smaller and the flow on the cone surface is increased.

Wet dust collectors are used for tail gas treatment, and demisters are specially designed to reduce the loss of water in the process of dust removal, and further reduce product costs if necessary. Purified water can be used as circulating water. When the material is replenished to a certain concentration, it is returned to the concentration process, and there is almost no loss of material.

Centrifugal spray drying is the most widely used process in the process of direct liquid into powder. Suitable for the production of powdered products from solutions, emulsions, suspoemulsions and pasty liquid raw materials. Therefore, centrifugal spray drying is an ideal drying process when the waste liquid needs to be directly dried into powder.

At present, our company has achieved good results in the treatment of industrial salt waste liquid, fermentation liquid waste water, biological waste water, organic waste liquid and Other waste water, and realized the utilization of waste water resources.

4spray Dryer 44


When the high-speed centrifugal spray drying machine is running, the air is filtered and heated and enters the air separator at the top of the dryer. Hot air enters the drying chamber in a spiral pattern. The feed liquid is spun through a high-speed centrifugal ejector on the top of the tower, and is sprayed into tiny droplets of misty liquid. The material can be dried to form the final product through very short periods of contact with hot air. The final product will be discharged continuously from the bottom of the drying tower through the cyclone separator. The waste gas will be discharged by the blower.

1spray Dryer 11


For the high speed centrifugal spray dryer, it consists of liquid delivery, air filtering and heating, liquid atomizing, drying chamber, air exhausting and material collecting, control system and so on, the features for each system as bellow:

● The liquid delivery system consists of liquid tank, magnetic filter, pump and so on as to ensure the liquid enters into the atomizer smoothly.

● Air filtering system and heating system

Before the fresh air enters into the heater, it should pass through the pre&post filter first, and then enters the heater for heating. For the heating method, there are electrical heater steam radiator, gas furnace and so on. Which method to choose depends on the customer site conditions. To ensure the drying medium enters into the drying chamber with high purity, the heated air should go through the high efficiency filter before entering the drying chamber.

● Atomizing system

The atomizing system consists of high speed centrifugal atomizer with inverter and so on.

The powder from the high speed centrifugal atomizer is between 40-120 microns.

● Drying chamber system

The drying chamber consists of the spiral shell, hot air distributor, main tower and relevant fittings.

Spiral shell and hot air distributor: The spiral shell and hot air distributor at the air inlet of the tower top can regulate air flow rotation angle according to the specific condition, guide the air flow inside the tower effectively and avoid the material stick on the wall.in the middle there is the position for installing the atomizer.

Drying tower: The inner wall is SUS mirror sheet, and welded by the arc welding. The insulation is rock wool.

The tower is manhole and view port as to convenient to clean and maintain the tower. For the tower body cross interface, pipe elbow are arc butt design, reduce dead angle; sealed type.

The main tower is equipped with air hammer, controlled by the pulse, and hitting the main drying tower timely as to avoid the dust stick on the wall.

● Air exhausting and product collecting system

For the material collecting system, there are several types such as cyclone, cyclone bag filter, bag filter, cyclone water scrubber and so on. The method is depending on the material property itself. For the filtering system for the outlet air, we have filter on request.

● Control system

HMI+PLC, each parameter can be displayed on the screen. Every parameter can be controlled and recorded easily.

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Model Dimension






Inlet Temperature

140-350℃ automatic control

Outlet Temperature


Max. Evaporation Capacity (kg/h)






Atomizing Method

compressed air transmission

mechanical transmission







Diameter of Atomizing Disc(mm)






Heat Source



steam+electricity, oil, oil fuel, hot air furnace

Max. Heating Power(kw)





Overall Dimensions(L W H)(m)





depends on actual situation

Dried Powder Restoring Rate(%)


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 Griffin technology manufacturing Co,. Ltd, a factory with more than ten years experience of professional and technical industrial service. locates in Changzhou city of Jiangsu. Our company has 2 large modern construction machinery manufacturing plant, equipped with whole line of sheet metal bending, laser cutting, automatic polishing, automatic welding, occupies an area of 500,000 square meters. Also we have our own R&D team, which has a number of talents and individual test lab. We are specializing in researching and developing drying machine, such as spray dryer, mesh belt dryer, fluid bed dryer, flash dryer, air stream dryer, vacuum dryer, plate dryer and so on. As auxiliary machines of drying machine, we also supply mixer, granulator, grinder and screener, roller compactor, air flow mixing system and air flow conveyor. With rich experience, we keep leading in design and manufacturing Chinese herbal extract spray dryer, flavouring spray dryer, hydrolyzed protein spray dryer, desiccated coconut drying machine, coconut meat mesh belt dryer, pharmaceutical spray dryer, vegetable and fruit dehydrator (mesh belt dryer), bread crumb fluid bed dryer, enzyme spray dryer, chicken powder production line, seaweeds drying processing line, gelatin production, WDG production line and so on. Based on keeping stable quality of drying, mixing, granulating, crushing and sieving machines, we actively research and develop new product, like roller compactor, airflow conveying and mixing system, vacuum belt dryer, try to supply turnkey projects to our customers.

Company Info

  • Company Name: Griffin Technology Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Representative: wanxingwei
  • Product/Service: Spray Dryer , Fluid Bed , Belt Dryer , Vacuum Dryer , Drying Equipment , Dryer
  • Capital (Million US $): 1170,000RMB
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  • Export Percentage: 81% - 90%
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  • No. of Production Lines: Above 20
  • No. of R&D Staff: 21 -30 People
  • No. of QC Staff: 51 -60 People
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  • Factory Size (Sq.meters): 5,000-10,000 square meters
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